Be involved

NOWTOPIA is about meeting, moving, encountering, confronting and constructing, the worlds we want now.

There are 3 main ways to be involved:

Participate in workshops, performances, labs, experiments and talks

Propose an art experiment, event, performance, workshop or exchange, indoor or outdoor, in line with the three themes; ‘inventing the future’, ‘nowtopia’ and ‘history speaks’. See Nowtopia guidelines.

Organize and be part of building the fabric of NOWTOPIA by taking on a specific organizing task, or help out with the logistics of the event.

The shape of NOWTOPIA will be co-created by its participants.
Artists, researchers, activists, community builders and scientists are invited to contribute to NOWTOPIA

 a temporary intentional community of alternative visions, addressing a system that puts profit before people and planet  – an alive forum for everyday activism and change

There can be many reasons for participating in NOWTOPIA, visionary, artistic, political, community building…
Some of us want to create an entry point for people who wants to be involved in change, but don’t know where to start.
Some of us are  dancers, installation artists, choreographers, musicians, performers who wants to co-create in an informed and reactive way.
Some of us are animated by a vision of a decentralised network of radical communities linked through conscious commitments to mutual aid.
Some of us want to spend time with people who are engaged in political activity and share dreams.
Some of us are involved with Degrowth Exchange Forum, with related talks, labs, art discussions and ‘hands on’ research.

Together we wish to create a space that nurtures many dreams and visions, and carries us into a future of hope and action.