DeGrowth Exchange

NOWTOPIA is also a forum for Degrowth related talks, labs, art discussions and ‘hands on’ research.
In 2018 participants and speakers taking part in 6th International DEGROWTH Conference , were invited to join the NOWTOPIA.

  • and  the international G.A.P. Meeting was part of Nowtopia :
    A global meeting of degrowth realities aims to bring groups and individuals together for academic, political and practical actions on degrowth that go beyond the biennial conferences.
    Program : 
    9.15 Presentation of the project by Support Group
    9.30-13.00: each reality presents itself [please prepare a 3 minutes speech to present your reality]
    13.00-14.00 Lunch
    14.00-16.00 World café with 6 table on objectives developed by GAP “Organizing collective actions of Leipznig: 1.Who we are, 2. Who we are not, 3. What to do; 4. How to do it, 5. Our (re)sources, 6. Alliances
    16.00-16.30 coffee break
    16.30-17.00 Feedback from groups
    17.00-18.30 General discussion on how to organize ourselves (Fishball facilitation technique)
    18.30-19.00 Creation of working groups (e.g. activists and practitioners, academics, politics, artists, collective actions, education, IT group and other optional/free group if needed)