for proposing an art experiment, event, performance, workshop or exchange, inside or outside the Grey hall in Christiania :

NOWTOPIA themes :
INVENTING THE FUTURE – performance art meets science experiments, new music and choreography, bio art, installations, discussions and action plans
NOWTOPIA – looking at present time value creating sub cultures, from alternative economies, direct actionists, urban gardeners and recycle culture to hackers and whistleblowers
HISTORY SPEAKS – about alternative communities, new ideas, peoples movements, squatters, art, music and rebellion

Guidelines for joining NOWTOPIA :
* Be There!
* make your contribution interactive and inclusive
* expose your process to encourage dialogue between artists, thinkers, makers and participants
* use recycled materials

How to participate and submit:
You can submit your idea or proposal to
Include approximate space needed and participants.
Proposals Deadline : 17th June

14-20 AUG NOWTOPIA  events 4-8 pm  +night program 

21-26th AUG Exhibition of Nowtopian Alternatives in Grey Hall
21-25 AUG 6th International Degrowth Conference in Malmö

Participation is free. You need to self-fund your contribution.

Recycling station is 3 minutes from the Grey Hall, free recycled materials
Green Hall is 5 min away, recycled materials
There is electricity and water in Grey Hall
You can call out to other participants for finding ressources, know how and materials by posting in upcoming forum.

SPACE :  you can propose experiments, labs, walks, events, talks, performances, workshops or exchanges for inside or outside Grey Hall and nearby environments, see details here