Futurize Me

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Date(s) - 18/08/
7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Dance Floor


Futurize Me
or Adventures of the Futurization Strategist

An experimental mind-opening thinking out holistic performance about the concept of time and futurization.
It explores the associations and imagery people have about the future: what are the expressed and unexpressed hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties?

Futurize Me looks into the classical temporal dilemma – a temporal conflict between short-term and long-term interests. Decisions made today can have far-reaching consequences for individuals, societies, and ecosystems in the future. Yet far too often, present feelings are so powerful that considerations of future events are neglected: individual interests in the present become fulfilled at the expense of the common interest for the future and the generations to come.

Futurize Me:
* towards something new
* exploring the gap between Now & the Future
* a multimedia project explores this emotional space through stories and sounds, examining too how we can incorporate future thinking in our behaviour and expand our temporal horizon?
*How to develop new cognitive abilities to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that this perspective brings?
* How can we co-create more meaningful spaces of futurization that would inspire us to undertake more meaningful actions?

Futurization strategist, Ohno, is at the forefront of new explorations of time & behavior shaped & influenced by new realities of the immediate future in our lives & awareness of the importance of defining manageable futures beyond today’s challenges.

Mr. Bugbird, whose musical journey as composer & guitarist is a highly creative & socio-spiritual adventure in the archaeology of a now that is also the bedrock of the future.

Futurize Me crew:
Script development & scenography – Bruno Rigobello , Aurelija Deksnytė
Costume design – Laureline Demonet
Mr. Bugbird & sound design – Alex Choub
Ohno, Futurization Strategist – Anna Sircova