NOWTOPIA will happen in and around Grey Hall, Christiania and Christianshavn, Copenhagen

Grey Hall is an amazing and very spacious old riding hall, a cultural epicenter for the area, hosting countless concerts,  gatherings, protests and art events.
Christiania is a freetown village in central Copenhagen. Around 1000 people have their home here, in a historic area offering nature, culture, self build houses, activism and simply living.
Christiania is open to the many daily visitors and friends that are part of life in Christiania.

GREY HALL and around

Imagining NOWTOPIA inside GREY HALL :
Open environment, open doors and windows, a dance floor and easy seating options
Activity islands” offering a journey through Nowtopian activities, events and futuristic visions, participants and visitors travel freely
 Cafe Paradox offers eco-friendly food, drinks and hygge, sustainable food-collection,  vegan cooking classes and more
Installations and labs/experiments, ongoing
Program for workshops, performances, concerts and talks

Imagining NOWTOPIA outside GREY HALL :
The Lawn
out door installations and labs/workshops, tent and outdoor bar
Walks, tours around Christiania and Christianshavn w specific themes and maps
Outdoor performances and concerts events
Alternate space Byens Lys, showing films, hosting talks, work groups and discussions.
Christiania was squatted and declared a ‘freetown’ in 1971, and one of the most long standing urban spaces of creative resistance in Europe began.
It’s manifesto declares:
“Christiana’s objective is to create a self-governing society, whereby each and every individual can thrive under the responsibility for the entire community. This society must economically rest in itself, and the joint efforts must continue to be about showing that psychological and physical destitution/pollution can be diverted/ prevented” 13.11.1971