A Gathering of Ideas, Actions, Performance, and Alliances for Making Change

NOWTOPIA is the story of the amazing things happening here and now, about keys to new economies and global visions, about all those who think and create sustainable futures now.

NOWTOPIA is a 7 day long experiment, art plays together with reality, new choreography and music meets academics, storytellers and revolutionaries.

This NOWTOPIA is alive and evolving. It’s a village of alternatives, locating present desires within the history of change, a place where art plays together with reality, where new choreography and music meets academics, storytellers and revolutionaries, imagining and debating, recognising that we too are inventing the future.
NOWTOPIA is co-creation, including talks, actions, performance, music and installations, all interconnected in an anti-dystopian environment and an artistic borderland.

NOWTOPIA invites communities, individuals, artists, activists, researchers and scientists to contribute to an alive forum for everyday activism and change.
Be involved by proposing an art experiment, event, performance, workshop or exchange, inside or outside the Grey hall in Christiania. You can also be part of building the fabric of NOWTOPIA by joining the organizing collective.

NOWTOPIA is happening in collaboration with ‘The Story of Christiania’ project and the6th International Degrowth Conference in Malmö 21-25th AUGUST.

What is produced in NOWTOPIA can potentially travel to Malmö for the Degrowth Conference.