Zapatistas realizing alternative worlds, otro mundo es possible

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Date(s) - 16/08/
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The Arena


This workshop will start by giving context for Zapatismo and discuss what system logic we are living in today. We invite other activists in solidarity with the Zapatistas to come and share their experiences with the movement and will ourselves talk about the International Women’s Gathering in 2018. We will discuss the potential that participation raises for thinking outside the current system logic and and demystifying what is possible and not possible. We will look at how the limits for possible are ideological not cold facts.

Facilitated by Clara Nepper Winther, who wrote her thesis based upon a critical ethnography with the campaign for the indigenous woman Marichuy, supported y the Zapatistas (3 months following the movement winter and spring 2018) Graduated from Lund University in June 2018 Development Studies and Political Science Clara has studied Latin American history and Anthropology in the University of Chile, Recent Christianit and now teacher at Krogerup Hoejskole about activism, social change and Mexico.