Small Scale Biogas Experimenting

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Date(s) - 18/08/
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


This workshop explains how to build a small scale biogas plant. It shows a project we have built in Morgenstedet in Christiania which employs low-key technology for the super high-tech times we are living in. We want to spread the use of Anaerobic Digestion as the most efficient way to close the food cycle. Anaerobic digestion is a process used to capture the energy and nutrients during the decomposition of organic matter. The decomposition of food scraps (in this case) happens in an oxygen-free container, producing biogas (energy) and liquid bio-fertilizer (nutrients). It is like a compost pile without oxygen, which makes it much more efficient. Think of any stomach: it decomposes food to produce energy while releasing in the process releases some farts (biogas) and pee (bio-fertilizer). We want to teach about how to do this based on the Morgenstedet plant we built after the open source solar cities design (with a few modifications to make it work in the Danish environment).

We’re two friends, who first met in their engineering studies in DTU and bonded over shared ideals. Jordi is a shit freak, graduated as an Engineer in Sustainable Energy at DTU that believes in Anaerobic Digestion as a potential solution to many local and global problems. He currently works designing and implementing solar energy systems and in his spare time develops other energy-related shitty projects, hoping to someday make something cool out of shit. Kuba is (primarily) into bikes and sustainable transport. He is a materials and manufacturing student in DTU. He has held many workshops and lectures on bicycle mechanics for lay-people, and likes to advocate for ecofreakiness.