Nature Based Design Frameworks

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Date(s) - 16/08/
5:01 pm - 7:01 pm



Nature-based solutions “sprout” from the premises that some societal challenges stem from human activities that have failed to recognize ecological limitations and the interdependent role of humans as Nature; and that sustainable alternatives to those activities can be found by looking to nature for design inspiration and process knowledge. They therefore involve the innovative application of knowledge about nature, inspired and supported by nature, and they maintain and enhance natural capital and our inter-relationship with the ecosystems we inhabit

In this space we will explore a diversity of this Nature Based Design Frameworks that are being used around the globe to approach the challenges of modern society.

It will help to bring clarity between the wording, strategies and techniques used for Biophilia, Biomimicry, Regeneration, Resilience and Permaculture


Candela has been wanting to understanding the mechanisms of life since an early age. Therefore she studied Biology at the University of Granada. She moved to Denmark where she has been living for 8 years. In this country she studied a masters in Nature Management and completed a thesis on Forest Gardens Design and Implementation. She is cofounders of FFIRN (Food Forest International Research Network), was a member of the board of Permaculture Denmark for 5 years, a LAND advisor, a volunteer coordinator at a pioneer urban garden in Copenhagen, Byhaven 2200 and involved in many other projects as Seed Pop Up, Gift circle, and many Environmental / Cultural collectives.

Candela has been teaching permaculture in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Italy and Spain. She loves gathering wild foods, doing acroyoga, and singing her Permaculture songs.